Tomchei Stories


Case# 2868-1335

David G. had a partnership in a successful Real Estate firm, so when he was tragically נפטר from a sudden illness ל”ע, community leaders rightfully calculated the קרן for his אלמנה and their 5 יתומים to include the continued income from his business. Sadly, a few years later, their old business crashed, leaving Mrs. G. עמו”ש as the sole breadwinner, housemaker, and caregiver for a home struggling to cope with their painful loss. Empty cabinets and pantries became normal, their fridge usually running low. The pain of hungry children already fatherless was just too much. But when the Tomchei Shabbos package began appearing on their doorstep every week, a little of the old שמחה came in, too.

*names and details have been changed