Tomchei Stories


Case# 5502-1291

R’ Yanky S. ני”ו has worked in his family store for close to two decades, consistently providing for his משפחה in a respectable fashion. Recently, as competitors came to town, he finds he’s no longer able to keep up. Although he found ways to tighten his belt, he can’t cut corners in caring for his children. His teenage daughters need clothing, the boys belong in summer camp with their peers, and שידוכים are right around the corner. Daily expenses are starting to mount into debt, and Mrs. S. has confided in friends she can’t always find the funds for proper suppers for her family. So when Tomchei Shabbos came to their rescue, the home was ב”ה stress-free again. When there’s enough food for everyone to eat, everything become that much more manageable.

*names and details have been changed