Tomchei Stories


Case# 7419-2066

Moishe’s פרנסה in Finance was ב”ה doing very well, and he had saved up a nice sum. After a while, he went out on his own, dreaming of becoming a בעל‭ ‬חסד. But his מזל had changed, and multiple attempts to start new ventures have failed, leaving his family in financial ruin. All their credit cards have been cut up, their debts are now too big. Having already married off 3 children, they now have 4 more waiting for the right time, but even a regular שבת meal is now a struggle. Moishe sought advice from the רב of his Shul, who directed him in no uncertain terms that he must accept aid and food from צדקה. With Tomchei Shabbos providing so much of their monthly food, they now have the comfort to try again to get back on their feet.

*names and details have been changed