Tomchei Stories


Case# 9086-3644

R’ Moshe D. שיחי is a grade school Rebbi for many years, and has rode the roller coaster of delayed paychecks many times. Mrs. D.’s office administration job has usually been their safety net, providing financial cushion in their minimalist living standard. As of late, the חדר he works for has struggled even to be months behind, stretching beyond their limit. Their breaking point was when her office called, saying they were downsizing, and she was given final notice. Now, her 12 נפשות are going hungry, and many bills go unpaid. Full meals become rare, they can’t afford the basics. So when they began receiving from Tomchei Shabbos, it was a literal life-saver. With a well-balanced supply coming to them each month, they no longer worry where the next meal comes from.

*names and details have been changed