Tomchei Stories


Case# 3796-1642

Rav Sholom Mordechai T. שליט”א is a 2nd Seder Rebbi, who spends countless hours learning with tremendous התמדה. Mrs. T. עמו”ש takes great pride in helping support their growing family בלי‭ ‬עין‭ ‬הרע as a High School Teacher and a sought-after מחנכת. Making ends meet wasn’t easy, but when their daughter required extra therapies, the out of pocket medical expenses necessitated extra assistance. Groceries will no longer extend them credit, and there’s been days without any warm meals in their home. Now, Tomchei Shabbos sends them a monthly package full of food, giving them the peace of mind to feed their family, and their home can function smoothly once again.

*names and details have been changed